Speed up your smartphone

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How to make your phone faster

Is your phone struggling to perform the simplest commands like opening apps, performing a simple search,browsing, and playing videos?

First of all you need to know the reasons that makes your phone slower is :

  1. Old software
  2. Full space on your ram
  3. fullstorgagespace
  4. Bad battery
  5. low-end device
  6. olddevice
  7. Running too many apps or programs

Despite differences between iOS and Android phones, the essential functioning of both systems is similar. As such, there some general tips that will help you recover the your phone loses over time.

Same thing in our last Article one of the most important things for a healthy smartphone is the updates of both operating system and applications so if you have an old version of any software it may cause some slow responding , so please always do updates toall your softwares,

The storage space also impact the speed of your device  clearing your storage space from unused files will help a lot, for that  go toyour file manager and delete any file you don’t need for example movies and videos you already watched, delete also cached data go to  settingà storageàcached data à delete it

uninstall unused apps  , it will free your storage and also free your RAM, More space on your ram means more speed you will get,

go to settingàapplication àchose the app you want to uninstall click on it à then click uninstall.

Remove the widgets that you don’t use often theycan drag the speed of yourentiredevice downBecausetheyoccupyingthe space on your ram all the time,to removeit : long press on the widgetThen an animation willappear on the top of the screen. Move it to top , and done

Moving on to the home screenand removeanylive wallpaper and any luncher , they slow your phone heavilyAnd drain yourbatteryfaster, 

In order to benefit all the above you have to remove task killers,anyapp of storage management , and anyappthatcanboostyourRAM,usuallythosekind of apps do more harmthan good. Operating system of yourdevices manage their RAM quiteefficiently on theirown. Besidesif a background application youneediskilled, rebootingittakes longer and uses more battery. This canfurther slow down yourdevice.

Rebooting your device time to time so easy to do  and help on killing unused tasks and clearing the cache.

If you tried all those advices and you didn’t notice any good changes  so you  have to try the the easy solution for lot of users :

 its  the hard reset  and in the next article  we will talk about hard reset :

What is the hard reset?

When we need  to do it?

How to do it perfectly ?

What we should know before  doing it?

We should advice you to think to upgrade your device if you use an old one like 5 years old or older  because  old version doesn’t receive new system updates,  and their old RAM can’t deal with some new apps that need lot of resources  so think about that , and tell usin the comments if you want us to do an article about that.

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