Secure your smartphone ( or tablet )

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Secure your device is to protect it from any menace can harm you like to get hacked
Hack is the action to get into someone else’s device system without permission in order to find out information or do something illegal, It’s a massive invasion of privacy, a violation of your personal space, and it may take a while to figure out what is missing. Your smartphone doesn’t just hold your valuables; it signals to intruders which of your valuables are the most important to you ,so to get secure we need to protect our data like passwords adresses accounts wallet …
in this article we will give you some steps and advices to secure your device (smartphone, tablet ) to be safe :
Updates :You need always to have the last updates of your operating system and also your applications, Many software updates and bug fixes contain security improvements that help guard your smartphone .
Set a password to your phone the best option here is the fingerprint but if you dont have a fingerprint in your phone you can use one of locking methods: pattern, PIN, or password. They’re not created equal, though.
A pattern (made on a 9-dot square) is easiest to remember but the least secure.
A password is far better,
But the best of all is a random password. Of minimal 6 characters with numbers , letters and symbols
But even that, change once every six months or so. And make sure it’s not the same as the other accounts and services.
Use 2-step verification  :  it’s a process that involves two authentication methods performed one after the other to verify that someone requesting access is who they are declared to be, this feature adds more security to your accounts.
Disable “Unknown Sources” and Developer Mode, and dont install any strange apps except the trusted apps like those from play store and app store,
Switch off Wifi and bluetooth in public places , and try not to use free public Wi-Fi connection .
Be careful with spam and phishing emails, (don’t open it).

Back up all your data ( files, apps, configurations , histories of calls …) and save it in a safe place.
Use a well known antivirus like avast (just an exemple not an ads)
Use an app to lock other apps . to have more security levels.
Some device (the newest) have the option of encryption is activated if you dont have it on , activate it .

Your device is like a house, so if you want to make your house safe you have to use a good quality of doors and windows, shut all of it and not open it to strangers .its the same thing here so after we shut all the input area we should use some extra protection like alarm and cameras to our house . For your device : (lock, antivirus, back up ..)
Be careful your data is money, so know where you put your money.
Have a safe and nice day..

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